Torah True Websites - There are so many excellent websites nowadays that teach Torah as it's meant to be taught. A great Rabbi was asked if technology was to be considered good or bad. He answered with a question "Is gold good or bad?". He answered that, if gold is used to create an idol like the golden calf, it is bad. But, if it is used to build parts of the Holy Temple, such as the Cherubim, it is good. The internet too has many websites which are a waste of time or worse. But, if the internet is used to spread the light of Torah, then it is fulfilling its Godly purpose. 

Here is a list of Torah True websites which teach Torah in accordance with the highest standards and without dilution or compromise.

Aish HaTorah - The Fire of Torah -
Chabad Lubavitch online -
Torah Anytime -
Yeshiva University -
Orthodox Union -
The Israel Koschitsky Virtual Beit Midrash -
Torah Web -
Online Torah Resources -
Naaleh -
Sefaria -
Web Yeshiva -
My Jewish Learning -
Ask Noah -