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Religious Services Catered to Suit Your Needs


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Baby Naming

Mazal Tov on the new addition to your family! Choosing a Jewish name is an exciting opportunity to bless your child with a name that will define their ritual and spiritual experiences for their entire life. Rabbi Welton will guide you with choosing that perfect name and designing a ceremony that will be both meaningful and celebratory.


Youth Programming

Whether its designing curriculum for schools or performing for a Jewish get-together, Rabbi Welton uses his background as both an educator and theatrical performer to entertain, enthrall and inspire.

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Bar & Bat Mitzvah

Coming of age is a special time for a young woman or man and Rabbi Welton focuses on personalizing the Bat or Bar Mitzvah of your child so that their unique personality & soul comes shining through on their big day!

Group photo of our Shabbaton this past weekend! I don't mind shamelessly promoting this awesome cadr

Young Professional

The future of the Jewish people lies in the strength of our young people and Rabbi Welton devotes much of his time to facilitating retreats, programs and classes geared towards the 20's and 30's age group.



One of the best parts of being a Rabbi is blessing two people who are in love. Combining a traditional wedding service with a tailor-made approach for you and your beloved, Rabbi Welton goes the extra mile to make sure your day is meaningful and memorable.

Jewish Education

Home Blessing

Jewish homes around the world feature the "Mezuzah scroll" which blesses the family within. Rabbi Welton will come to your home to share with you the joyous inspiration behind the "Mezuzah" and fix them on your doorposts.

With my friends from Hadassah

Scholar in Residence

Rabbi Welton enjoys being brought to various communities to lecture from a variety of classes ranging from "Kabbalah Secrets for Success" to "Animal Activism in the Torah". Rabbi Welton's classes combine textual sources with contemporary trends to provide your audience with a class on Judaism that can be appreciated by students of all backgrounds.

Audiovisual Conference

Adult Education

With an M.A. in Educational Leadership and over a decade of classroom teaching, Rabbi Welton enjoys lecturing to private groups or your personal family on a range of topics about Jewish life and thought. Classes for individuals are available as well.



As a licensed psychiatric mental health counselor, Rabbi Welton meets with individuals for pastoral counseling as well as visiting hospitals and correctional facilities as a chaplain. Rabbi Welton also offers referrals for marriage counseling, grief counseling and individual therapy to therapists he knows and highly recommends.

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Saying good-bye can be the most difficult experience you will ever go through. Rabbi Welton is here to guide you through every step of the service, the "Shiva", and creating a meaningful space to honor your loved one as they are laid to rest. May God give you the strength and comfort to know you are not alone.

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