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In Honor Of

It takes heroes to run non-profits and our non-profit is no different. Our Friday night free "Shabbat" food program, our discounted and free Torah classes, our social activism and community service projects, and all the other good deeds we do are dedicated in honor of heroes as well.

Max and Rose Blauner were heroes, Holocaust survivors, proud members of Lincoln Park Jewish Center, and even prouder parents of Sam, Dalia, Gail, and Sidney Blauner.


They passed away in recent years but passed on their passion for Torah, philanthropy, service of others, and passion for their Jewish heritage to their children and grandchildren.


At, we strive to create a world with more people like Max & Rose Blauner.


Baruch Hashem, we are thankful for the support of their children and even more thankful to witness and see the many Mitvos ("good deeds") which their children and grandchildren continue to do in this world. 


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