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Rabbi Welton is passionate about sharing the values of Torah with a global audience. Raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, he holds degrees in medicine, education, and film. He was ordained by Chief Rabbi of Haifa, Rav She'ar Yashuv Cohen Z"L, Rabbi Weinberg of Machon LeHoraah, and Rabbi Warhaftig of Machon Ariel in Jerusalem.


Like a concierge "Rabbi without Borders", he is available to answer your questions.

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"Rabbi Levi has a unique talent of bringing people from many different walks of life together. I have been fortunate to attend some of the inspirational Shabbatons that Rabbi Levi and his talented wife Chavi have organized. Whatever one's background or observance level may be, Rabbi Levi makes all feel welcome."

Rafi R.


"Many Jewish scholars have the ability and knowledge to become a Rabbi but to become that Rabbi who is the pillar of your Judaism and keeps you anchored on the ground takes a very special Jew. Rabbi Welton is the Rabbi I have been searching for for years. He is always there for me and always lifts my spirit and spirituality."

Ilan G.


"Rabbi Welton is a remarkable Rabbi. His energy, warmth and happiness are infectious and help make him the incredible leader that he is. I love listening to his sermons which artfully combine humor, substance and inspiration."

David K.

chaya s.jpg

"...his sought after Shabbaton retreats, hearing his time relevant sermons, and observing how all ages seek out his advice and friendship. The most relatable and inspiring Rabbi we know!" 

Chaya B.

Main office located in Yonkers, New York